About Us

Photography is not just a job to me, it is a passion, a way of life, some may even say, it is an obsession. Very rarely will you see me without a camera over my shoulder. My passion for the art of photography started way back in high school. Since that time I have devoted my life to creating images and teaching. I do not limit myself to the studio, I also shoot street photography and an occasional landscape.

After high school I moved to Atlanta GA to study photography at the Portfolio Center and later at the Art Institute of Atlanta. During this time I started to assist several photographers in the area. After my education I moved back to Syracuse and became a studio manager, and taught photography on the Syracuse University campus.

Even though I started creating images years ago I treat every client like they are my first. And I believe that is what has kept me going for this long. The most important part of my art has always been the client experience.