Photography Classes in Syracuse, NY

Daniel Michaels Photography offers several photography based workshops that will help you learn and become a better photographer. Workshops we offer include:

Introduction to Your Camera

Are you disappointed by the images you get with your DSLR or Mirrorless camera? Are you intimidated by all those buttons, dials, and menus on your camera? This 3 week course is designed for the beginner looking to establish a stronger command of their camera in order to make visually compelling images. Proper exposure (aperture and shutter speed), white balance, camera shooting modes, lenses, and other fundamental digital camera controls will be covered. Through weekly lectures, demonstrations and assignments, you will gain essential photographic knowledge and develop a comfort with your camera, helping you to take better images and get the most out of your digital SRL.

Price: $250.00

Studio Lighting

Creating photographs in the studio, allowing the photographer to be in total control of every aspect of the image, offers unlimited creative possibilities. Introduction to Studio Lighting is a workshop for people who wish to learn to use studio lighting to create dynamic images. Portrait techniques will be the theme of the workshop, which will offer ample opportunity for individual creativity. Students will work with a variety of studio lighting techniques and equipment, including studio strobes, Speedlights, grip spots, color gels, gobos, and soft boxes.

Price: $150.00

Street Photography

This hands-on workshop focuses on the art of shooting on the street, a traditional method of documentary investigation made popular in the 20th century by greats such as Bresson, Winogrand, and Erwitt to name a few. The class will start at The Delavan Center to discuss viable topics as well as successful techniques for street shooting, followed by an afternoon of photographing in downtown Syracuse. The course will end back at The Delavan Center with a follow up discussion to the work produced earlier that day. This course is suitable for any photographer who wants to strengthen their skills working in an urban environment.

(This will be a walking intensive day. Please wear proper footwear and attire suitable to current weather conditions)

Price: $150.00

Night Photography

Students will meet at The Delavan Center. We will work side-by-side in a 2 hour night photo walk and 30 minute lecture on the settings to use for night photography. We will shoot in a variety of locations and learn the technical aspects and integral tricks to nighttime photography. Because this is a small class students will have the opportunity to ask in-depth questions to the head instructor!

All students should be familiar with basic camera functions.

(This will be a walking intensive day. Please wear proper footwear and attire suitable to current weather conditions)

Price: $150.00